5 Ways to Write Blogs Super Fast (Actually Helpful Tips)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Wondering how to write blogs faster, so you can publish new blog posts quickly? I’m going to give you some actually helpful tips to do just that.

Blogging is an essential part of SEO and content marketing for your website, but many website owners (including myself!) tend to avoid it because of the time input required, lack of creativity, and having too many other things to do. Plus, blogging takes time to pay off which doesn’t really jive with our “instant gratification” culture. 

Let’s solve that today with some helpful tips to write blogs faster!

I’ve been blogging in some form or another for over 18 years, according to this Livejournal “happy birthday” reminder: 

I run profitable blogs of my own separate from this site, and I also help clients with their blog posts and content. So I’ve got the experience to truly help you.

Here are 4 tips to write blog posts super quickly, so you can publish posts faster:

Tip 1: Know your blog topic ahead of time

Your blog research process and your writing process should be done at two separate times in your work.

If you know what you’re going to write ahead of time, then you can simply eliminate that first step of “figuring out what to write” when it comes time to quickly write a blog post.

That first step is often one of the most difficult and time consuming steps when it comes to writing a blog post fast. So when you sit down to write, make sure you already know what topics you’re going to cover, and can focus just on writing fast.

Do your keyword research ahead of time, find topics in Google Search Console, and have a content creation plan already put together. You can use a spreadsheet or project management tool to organize each blog post idea and simply jump into the next one when it’s ready. This way when it comes time to write, you know exactly what to do. 

Tip 2: Complete your general blog post outline first

Like tip #1, knowing what you’re going to write shortens the time from thinking to writing words on the page. Do your quick research before you dive completely into writing, and have a general idea of what you’d like to write for your blog post introduction, body, and conclusion.

If you can have headings already planned, even loosely, before you begin, then writing your blog post will happen much faster.

Tip 3: Use dictation to write your post

Many of us are not very fast typers. I’m not one of them, I can type super quickly. BUT I still prefer to use voice dictation a lot of the time. 

Simply pull out your phone, open a notes app, and begin braindumping your ideas about what you want to say in your blog post. This is the fastest way I know to write a blog post quickly from scratch!

Once you’re done dictating, you’ll probably have way more content than you expected when you began. This is especially easy when you use blogging fast tip #2 – because then you’re just explaining each portion of your outline. 

Tip 4: Add in blogging tools to work faster

There are so many tools that can help make blogging faster and more painless these days. Using a blogging tool like an AI writer or a fill-in template can help shorten your time from content writing to publishing.

Blog Post Templates For Writing Faster

You can also use plug-and-play blog post templates, like the one in my blogging membership. 

Artificial Intelligence Writing & SEO Tools

I’ll cover AI tools more comprehensively in another post, but having AI help you with blog writing is like using an electric bike instead of a regular bike, or like using a keyboard instead of manually typing. Yes, AI writing tools have developed enough that you can get quality content from them, if you know how to use them. You can still get yourthoughts onto the screen, but AI will help you do it faster. 

Tip 5: Hire a Content Writer

Struggling overall with writing blog posts? Dealing with writers block? Taking forever to make every great blog post?

Eliminate the writing process overall by hiring a content writer. This can be done on sites like Upwork, Textbroker, or locally. 

Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin

Hannah is a long-time SEO expert and website marketing strategist. She has been optimizing websites since 2010, and was previously VP of Operations at an SEO agency before starting her own SEO and web design business in 2016. She has worked with brands like Beyond Yoga, Gerber Childrenswear, Sanctuary Clothing, and dozens of small independent businesses helping them improve their SEO and build websites that work to grow their business. She's a Wordpress geek, Squarespace Circle member, and now shares her knowledge with others at TheSEOKitchen.com.

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