How to Get Your Facebook Page Name Change Request Approved

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Hey there! Today I’m writing to you about how to get the name change request for your Facebook business page approved. Why? Because I’m going through it right now for this website, and I know many business owners struggle with this. It just comes down to making sure the topic really is the same, and clever/guideline-focused wording.

Previously, you could only change your Facebook business page’s name once. Ever. Yep, just once.

Now you can change it as many times as you want, but you’re likely to get declined if the change is significant, even if the topic is the same. So requests along the line’s of “Bob’s Plumbing LLC” to just “Bob’s Plumbing” will probably get approved within minutes, while changes like “Bob’s Plumbing and Rooting” to “Billy-bob’s Family Handyman” is likely to require an appeal.

When you first get declined, you’ll get a notification where you can click “Re-open case” to appeal. Here is my first failed appeal and I’ll explain why:

-I did not directly address the reason for denial
-I did not specify that the page name change was a rebrand, which is one of the only significant name changes that’s allowed
-My request was too long and confusing

So I was denied.

Then I went back and looked at a previous name change I had appealed and gotten approval. I followed the same template and now my request is being considered as a rebrand, and I’m betting it will get approved.

The rules are:
-Address the reason for denial directly (“The reason for my denial was “the name you requested suggests that the subject of your Page has changed”, however the subject of the page has not changed. “)
-Explain that it’s the same thing and provide the addresses to see the rebrand/move (this is necessary)
-Make sure to say THIS IS A REBRAND.

Then they will ask for proof, which you should already have published.

You need to have 2 things ready if you’re not a registered business with legal proof: Your old website name with a big post on the front page stating the name change (make sure to call it a rebrand, once again!), and a post on the Facebook page that you’re trying to change informing people of the update.

I anticipate this will be approved with no problem now as I’ve provided the exact documentation they requested. 🙂

Follow these steps to get your name change approved. This process will have worked for me multiple times now once this goes through.

Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin

Hannah is a long-time SEO expert and website marketing strategist. She has been optimizing websites since 2010, and was previously VP of Operations at an SEO agency before starting her own SEO and web design business in 2016. She has worked with brands like Beyond Yoga, Gerber Childrenswear, Sanctuary Clothing, and dozens of small independent businesses helping them improve their SEO and build websites that work to grow their business. She's a Wordpress geek, Squarespace Circle member, and now shares her knowledge with others at TheSEOKitchen.com.

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