Best WordPress Themes 2022

Fair warning: This is going to be the laziest post on the world. I am aware of that.

However, I simply want to publish a list of WordPress themes to choose from right now, because people ask me this question so often.

The answer is also really, really simple.

1. GeneratePress

I use this theme for 99% of my WordPress websites. Especially with the Gutenberg editor and full-site editing advancing so much in 2022, GeneratePress provides the perfect SEO-friendly, nicely-coded theme to build anything on.

2. GeneratePress

I’m just going to say it again because I know you skipped to the next line.

Build your site on GeneratePress. It’s the best theme I have experience with. You can’t go wrong with its clean, lightweight code and its flawless integration with Gutenberg & WordPress.

Honorable Mentions:

Astra – I haven’t personally used this theme yet, but it gets really high ratings and seems to go head to head with GeneratePress in reviews.

Blocksy – This is more of a mobile-first theme with a big focus on WordPress blocks. Again, not a theme I use regularly but worth checking out if you want an alternative to GeneratePress.


The end. Enjoy!!

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