Best AI Writing Tools For Creating Content

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Generative AI software is all the rage these days, especially since the explosive splash of ChatGPT by OpenAI, which has captivated users all around the web. I myself have been captivated and am playing around with some really cool products, and have gone so far into the AI rabbit hole that I’ve now been quoted in a Policy2050 report about Generative AI.

Now AI writing tools are popping up left and right, promising us the ability to write blogs, copy, and social media content faster than ever before using software-driven writing.

My opinion: AI is to writing content, what typing is to writing on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil. 

Some other bloggers out there are giving you an overwhelming list of every AI copywriting tool on the web. Instead, what I want to do, is give you a succinct overview of the best AI writing tools and software for writing articles and blogs. There are plenty of other tools that help you optimize, check grammar, and all of that good stuff – but I’ll cover that in a separate post.

4 Best AI Content Writing Tools

Without further adieu, here are some of the best AI writing software options I’ve found for anyone needing help creating written content in 2023.

Jasper.Ai (formerly known as Jarvis)

Jasper is one of the popular AI writing tools available in the market today and has been around since February 2021.

Jasper is like a writing chef that uses its secret recipe of natural language processing and machine learning to whip up a delicious batch of content that will leave your readers drooling for more. It’s like having your own personal sous chef who can help you create high-quality content in no time, with features like content summarization and article rewriting that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. 

Jasper also comes with a “Long-Form Assistant” that acts like a sous chef who has your back every step of the way, suggesting ideas, providing research links, and even cooking up some content for you. With Jasper, you’ll be serving up mouth-watering content that’s sure to satisfy your readers’ appetites – no need to settle for bland writing.

Jasper’s AI writing software can help you create:

  • blog posts
  • social media posts
  • emails
  • pretty much anything you can think of


Next up is Ryter, an AI-powered writing platform that uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to help users create high-quality content quickly and easily.

This writing genie uses the latest natural language processing and machine learning technologies to understand your needs and create content that’s spot on. With Ryter, you can kiss writer’s block goodbye and say hello to effortless content creation.

Ryter’s AI technology enables it to analyze and understand text, allowing it to generate content that is grammatically correct and semantically accurate. It is designed to assist writers in a variety of industries, including marketing, e-commerce, and journalism, and it can be used to generate a range of content types.

Ryter’s AI writing tool can help you create:

  • blog posts
  • product descriptions
  • email templates
  • social media posts


Frase’s unique feature is its ability to extract key topics and questions from existing content, allowing users to quickly identify gaps in their content and optimize it for search engines.

With Frase, you can generate content briefs, outlines, and summaries in minutes, helping you save time and streamline your content creation process. The tool also provides real-time feedback on SEO optimization, making it easy for users to optimize their content for relevant keywords and phrases.

What the Frase AI Content Tool Does

Frase is designed to assist writers, marketers, and content creators of all levels, helping them create content that is not only engaging and informative but also optimized for search engines. Overall, Frase is a useful AI writing and research tool that can help users improve their content creation process and boost their website’s SEO.

Best Free AI Writing Tool – Chat GPT

Of course, I can’t publish an article about AI writing without mentioning ChatGPT.

Although it’s not a software designed specifically for writing assistance, I’ve found it highly valuable and useful as an AI software to help me with writing.

Some tips for using ChatGPT:

  • Prime the chatbot with prompts to explore its knowledge about the topic at hand first
  • Discuss the topic with it in a conversational tone
  • Then ask specific questions for the specific parts of content writing you’d like help with.
  • Update the wording to sound more like you and then include a personal touch to describe your actual experience and advice around the topic.

ChatGPT can’t write an article from scratch like your mom can bake cookies, but it can help give you article outlines, ideas, and even write portions of articles for you if you ask specific questions relating to the topic you need information on.

Honorable Mentions – Other AI Writing Tools

  • CopyAI
  • ArticleForge

Complete List of AI Writing Tools That Didn’t Make The list

  • Sudowrite
  • Chibi AI
  • Peppertype
  • Neural Text
  • Closers Copy
  • Hypotenuse AI
  • Copywmith
  • AI Writer
  • Ink for All
  • Paragraph AI
  • Quillbot – for paraphrasing
  • Wordtune – for paraphrasing
  • Grammarly – for editing grammar, not for writing content
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Hannah Martin

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