SEO Specialist + Web Geek with Over 13 Yrs Experience

I’m Hannah, a millennial data & design nerd who loves helping businesses grow.

And now, I’m your personal SEO and web strategy maven. 😉

I’m also a pre-covid digital nomad and total adventure lover, but we’ll get to that later. 

I was coding HTML on Myspace as a pre-teen, and I have a knack for marketing tech alongside an entrepreneurial streak.

My whole career has been centered around helping businesses (both mom & pop shops, and large brands) with their digital marketing through optimization and design.

My History

I’ve worked exclusively in SEO since 2010, both with big brands you have in your home and small mom-and-pop shops whose livelihoods literally depend on their traffic, helping to grow their visibility to get found by ideal audiences + impress and convert their website traffic. 

After making my way up to VP of Operations at an SEO agency, I went out on my own in 2016 to begin a big digital nomad adventure while working for clients and building my own projects. And I haven’t stopped the adventure since!

Why I Started The SEO Kitchen

For years, I’ve stayed off the SEO stage and out of the spotlight, but in 2022 I decided it’s time to stop quietly rolling my eyes at all of the lambo-bros and low-quality get-rich-quick SEO course creators taking up space in the market. I stepped up to the plate and began providing my contributions in the space – in a way that will actually help the myriad of amazing people who are subject matter experts in their fields, but who get lost with SEO or can’t afford someone like me.

I finally got off my bum, and actually began turning what I know into valuable help for others who also get the yucks from all of the snake oil in the industry currently.

So while I may seem like a new name on the block, I’m actually an SEO dinosaur. I’m the behind-the-scenes gal big agencies turn to for help with complicated SEO projects, I was around when Panda and Penguin happened, and I actually make a living with SEO.

But now I’m turning my attention to DIYers and aspiring SEOs to help you navigate the wild west of search marketing, algorithms, and now… AI. (Because it’s coming whether you like it or not.) 

TheSEOkitchen is going to be the best place online for SEO and web strategy training. And I’d love for you to join me on this new ride. 

What about the real me?

Outside of work life, I love traveling, DIY projects, adventures like camping, hiking and snowboarding, and of course any food that feels like an experience.

Here are some fun facts about me:

Trixi is my business mascot.

She’s been around for as long as I’ve been doing SEO – 12+ years. Hiring me means helps Trixi get the best dog food!

I’m a digital nomad and love to travel.

I love funky thrift finds.

How could I say no to this ridiculous hat for a cruise?

My favorite mug (a gift from a dear friend) has a quote from “The IT Crowd”

And I can guarantee I am drinking out of this mug while working on your business.