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Let me guess, you’ve already tried all of this to grow your audience:

  • Posting endlessly on social media (hello, hamster wheel)
  • Running expensive Facebook ads (and it feels like you’re burning money)
  • “Networking” in Facebook groups or worse, in person
  • Pitching yourself to podcasts
  • Sharing your recent work and testimonials on your website
  • Maybe even running Google ads with an $$$ ad manager

But something’s got to give.

You’re burnt out from marketing like a chicken with your head cut off, and you’re burning through your adspend.

What if there was an easier way to get your message in front of new people?

Ding ding ding. There is!

Fact: Every super-successful website has a blog. Why?

Because it’s a great way to grow your visibility and traffic in a way that compounds over time.

Successful blogs help website owners:

  • Stop relying on social media and paying for ads
  • Grow website traffic
  • Attract new readers and build an audience
  • Build an income with affiliate and ad revenue
  • Sell your products and services
  • Build your email list and your audience

But starting a blog that actually grows your visibility feels like pulling teeth.

  • You get distracted by other marketing activities that seem more urgent, but require you to stay on a hamster wheel.
  • You’re scratching your head, wondering what to actually blog about.
  • You’ve published some posts, only to hear crickets, and don’t want to waste more time.
  • You see others blogging successfully, but you have no idea how they’re doing it with everything else in business that needs attention.
  • You don’t know how to find the time, especially when it seems like it’ll take forever to make your efforts pay off.

What if you could grow your website visibility with a successful blog, using proven simple processes?

And build a system that Compounds Your Visibility & Authority on autopilot

Here is what happens when you do that:

  • Blog posts that you’ve created years before continue to bring in traffic, leads, and sales with no extra effort
  • Your website audience grows over time and your efforts compound, without always having to spend money on ads
  • Google begins to love your site and see you as a subject matter expert, sending you more and more free traffic over time
  • Your audience sees you as the obvious answer to their needs
  • You get in front of people who are searching for you, when they actually need help, instead of hoping they’ll randomly find your social media posts or run across your ads

Hi there! I’m Hannah, the SEO girl who has been helping her clients explode their traffic with SEO & blogging for over a decade.

And I want the same & more for you!

When I first started out trying to grow websites, I had no idea what I was doing and wasted a ton of time. In fact, my first personal blog intended to make an income tanked.

I tried everything until I began to learn what worked and things began to click. The more websites I worked on, the more I realized there are proven, repeatable processes that can grow a website’s traffic – and blogging is part of that.

Years ago I was VP of Operations at an SEO agency before going out on my own in 2016, and I’ve done everything from running large-scale agency blog management processes, to keeping client’s blogs updated, to running my own profitable blogs. I’ve been a professional digital marketer for 13 years now and I want to teach you what I’ve learned.

Understanding how to come up with post ideas, how to write them efficiently, and how to publish posts in a way that search engines and readers love takes strategy and know-how.

My blogging & website growth strategies now get great results time and time again

  • Increased traffic
  • Increased visibility
  • Increased leads

Now I want to boil my experience down for you and give you a shortcut to getting the same results.

If you want to:

  • Start blogging consistently without hesitation
  • Know exactly what to post
  • Be able to write blogs painlessly and quickly
  • Set up your blog the right way, to be beautiful and successful
  • Create a successful, custom content marketing calendar that your audience will love

Then let me introduce you to the successful blog growth path…


The Blogging Lab

Launch your blog and start posting content that will grow your visibility strategically. Grow your authority and build your traffic and visibility so you can get more clicks, sales, and customers without the social media grind.

Just $9/mo, Cancel Anytime

Plug & Play Blog Post Templates

a growing blogger community

Easy-To-Follow Training

When you join The Blogging Lab,

You get everything you need to quickly begin posting, gaining traffic, and building long-term authority.

You’ll Get Instant Access To:

  • Instant access to the training area with bite-sized step-by-step blog training, google analytics training, and more
  • Expert blogging processes for writing quickly, repurposing content, and using AI to write
  • ​​Exclusive blogging community access for accountability and connection with like-minded bloggers
  • ​24h answers to all of your blogging questions in the FB group (on business days)
  • Fill in the blank templates so you never have to wonder what to post about again
  • Blog promo graphics that take the time and pain out of promoting your blog, making it effortless
  • ​A successful blog post checklist to make sure every post you write from here on out helps you grow your blog
  • ​New training and templates every month so you can stay consistent and create new posts without staring at a blank screen
Just $9/mo, Cancel Anytime

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

So You Can Start Blogging fast

Bonuses & More Coming Soon:

Just $9/mo, Cancel Anytime

I have a question for you…

What if all I can do is help you publish one new blog each month, so you can begin building a traffic-building asset? Would that be worth $9?

Other members seem to think so…

Just $9/mo, Cancel Anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I get?

You get instant access to the training, the current blogging templates, and the community. Every month, there is new training or templates.

Q: Who is this best for?

Bloggers who feel stuck or want a community, and business owners who want to start blogging regularly, but need templates and resources to help make it easier. 

Q: How much of a time investment is this?

You can go through each module at your own pace. With the templates, creating a brand new blog post from scratch will only take 1-2 hours.

Q: How do I cancel?

Need to cancel? No worries, you’re not locked in. Just email us at support [at] for cancellation or membership questions.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes absolutely! We offer a  7-day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.