Make More Money with Less Traffic: Why Pricing is Important When Choosing Niche Site Products

Hi friends!

Today I want to discuss pricing and why it’s important to keep affiliate product prices in mind when creating a niche website or joining an affiliate program.

The TL:DR; of it is that by promoting higher priced products, you’ll have to get less traffic and make less sales to make the same amount of affiliate income as you would with lower priced products.

This is illustrated really well in some Amazon affiliate reports I was looking at this morning. In the screenshots below, my sites are organized with the lowest earners at the top. The ordered revenue (right column) is how much $$ people spent on Amazon after clicking my links.


As you can see, one website that got only 6 clicks and resulted in 4 items ordered sold almost $100 of products.

In comparison, another site had to receive over 500 clicks and sell 17 items to sell just over $200.


With the first site, the average item price for this reporting period is $23. With the second site, the average item price ordered is $12.

This absolutely relates to the niches and the products being discussed, because the first site (which is currently receiving less traffic) definitely talks about more expensive products. This means that when I increase its traffic levels to the same as the second site, it will probably earn a lot more $ per visitor than the site that gets more traffic right now!

What this means is that if you’re researching niches and can’t narrow down what you want to promote or write about, price and potential commissions can be a helpful deciding factor. As always.. be moral and have the ultimate goal of helping your readers – don’t just push the most expensive product because it will earn you the most money.

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